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How do I get rid of Rats?

Daniel Bullen

how to get rid of rats

How do I get rid of Rats – simple enough question really but sometimes the answer can be a little more difficult. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of Rats that are in and around your home.

Food Sources – Make sure you tidy away any spilt food, and keep unused foodstuffs in containers in the fridge. Throw away any boxes that have been nibbled by Rats, as they will use the cardboard for nesting, and eat whats inside them, they may also transfer any diseases to the product. If you are storing food stuffs in your garage or in a shed (bird feed/chicken feed ect.) it may be a good idea to keep these in a sealed container to reduce the chance of wandering rodents smelling the food and causing a problem!

Cleaning up –  Rodents carry disease such as leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia and Salmonella so make sure you clean out your cabinets, food larder and worktop surfaces daily if you are suffering from a rodent problem or through out the rodent treatment to ensure good hygiene and minimise the chance of catching a disease. Infested Rats will have a good feed and then go back to their nest, they are not as shy as you might think – they will come out in daylight to feed if they feel safe enough, so clearing up frequently will minimise rodent activity and minimise harmful diseases.

Proofing – The professional pest controllers term for blocking up holes to prevent rodent entry into properties. Rats can squeeze into the smallest of gaps, and will quite happily set up camp almost anywhere, for example they could nest in a attic space but how are they getting there? look for small gaps under roof tiles, around cracked/damaged vents, uneven brickwork, gaps around pipework and electrical wiring.

So after you have carried the above, but how do you actually get rid of rats? Well if your happy to do the job yourself then invest some time into the above first, We cant stress this enough! Then choose weather to use break-back rat traps or the use of rodentcide may be needed. Traps should be your first port of call, we think they are the safest way of dealing with rats as you dont have to worry about secondary poisoning or them crawling off into a cavity void where they can be unreachable, but remember to check them regulary using disposable gloves and a torch handy to assist you with disposal.

When using traps be mindful of Neophobia – Rats are Neophobic, meaning they dont like new things appearing in their surroundings, and may take up to 14 days to enter that new trap you put down, so dont be suprised if you are still seeing signs of rats after a week or so, a top tip is to place the trap near dropping or near the suspected entrance point and leave it in the same place for a week or so dont keep moving your traps around!

Rodenticides are also very effective and may be more suitable for larger infestations, however think if you really need to use them, will traps do the job? There is nothing pleasant about a decomposing carcass unreachable in your wall cavity – trust us, it will smell! If you do use Rodentcides please read the label as its a legal document, it will highlight the method of use and any precautions.

The other option is to pay a professional pest controller to do the job for you, They will disscuss and go through the risks and hazards associated with each treatment method and will know exactly what to do to get rid of rats quickly. Wether you have seen rats in and around your home or have found rodent droppings or have a strange smell / noise coming from your walls  a professional pest controller will be able to advise on your rodent problems!

Why Should I take Action on Rodents in and around my Home?

Rats are notorious for carrying disease both in their urine and by mechanical means, image them rummaging around in next doors bin then entering your property to look for more food sources, or to nest in your attic space!

Rodents will cause plenty of damage as they need to gnaw to keep their constantly growing teeth in good condition, they will gnaw on anything, wood, metal, concrete, electrical wiring (this is a fire hazard!)to keep their teeth in check.

Don’t take the chance with any rodents, take immediate action give us a call on 01935 411876 if your in the Somerset area.