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Squirrel pest Control - We can treat all types of Squirrel pest problems
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Squirrel pest control and removal Yeovil

Professional Squirrel Pest Control in Yeovil

Discovering unwanted noises in your roof space? Squirrel pest control might not have been on your radar until those sounds began. If you’re dealing with a grey squirrel pest problem, West Country Pest Control is here to help.

Our Squirrel Pest Control Services

Our expert technicians can inspect your premises, assess the squirrel pest control situation, and provide effective solutions. We offer advice on proofing your property against squirrels, and if proofing measures fail, we have humane removal options available.

Need Assistance? Call Us!

If you’re experiencing a squirrel pest control issue, don’t hesitate to contact our Yeovil Squirrel Pest Control Technician at 01935 411876. Our team is ready to provide prompt help and valuable advice.

Important Note – Legal Considerations

It’s crucial to be aware that catching or trapping a live squirrel and releasing it elsewhere, such as a park or local fields, is illegal. If you capture a squirrel, the legal obligation is to dispatch it in a humane manner. Additionally, you must take responsibility for its well-being, providing food and water to prevent suffering.

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, anyone responsible for a squirrel trap is accountable for any animal caught by it. It’s an offense to cause unnecessary suffering to a captured animal. The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) also makes it illegal to introduce and release grey squirrels into the wild.

Understanding Red and Grey Squirrels

In the UK, we have two types of squirrels: Red and Grey.

  • Red Squirrel:

    • Our native species.
    • Once common but now endangered.
    • Declining numbers due to the Grey Squirrel.
    • Vulnerable to parapoxvirus carried by greys.
    • Prefer green acorns, impacting food stocks.
  • Grey Squirrel:

    • Non-native.
    • Carries parapoxvirus harmful to red squirrels.
    • Consume acorns, affecting reds’ food supply.
    • We offer proofing and advice to control Grey squirrels.

Our Services Cover All Types of Squirrel Problems

Whether it’s squirrels in your loft, garden, or house, West Country Pest Control can swiftly and effectively address the issue. Call us now at 01935 411876 for professional squirrel pest control services.

Don’t let squirrel problems persist. Contact West Country Pest Control for reliable solutions today.

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