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Rat Pest Control
We can treat all types of Rat problems in a safe and discreet manner

How to get rid of Rats - Rat pest control and removal Yeovil Somerset

Effective Rat Pest Control Services in Yeovil, Somerset

Welcome to West Country Pest Control, your trusted partner in eliminating rat infestations and protecting your property in Yeovil and the surrounding areas. Our skilled pest control team boasts a proven track record of delivering exceptional domestic rat pest control services. Equipped with the latest techniques, our professional technicians are dedicated to resolving all your pest problems promptly.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Discover peace of mind with our comprehensive rat pest control services. We offer flexible appointments for a complimentary survey, allowing us to assess your situation and provide you with a no-obligation quote tailored to your needs.

Why Rat Infestations Require Professional Attention

Rats not only pose health risks but also present serious fire hazards by damaging electrical cables, pipework, and building materials. Domestic-grade solutions may fall short, making a robust and professional rat control program from West Country Pest Control essential.

How to Get Rid of Rats: A Guide

1. Identify the Problem

Swift action is crucial in rat infestations. Look for signs such as droppings, gnaw marks, or footprints, and promptly address the issue.

2. Block Entry Points

Prevent rats from entering by sealing gaps around doors and windows, as well as any holes in walls or floors. We recommend using wire wool or mesh for lasting effectiveness.

3. Remove Food Sources

Deny rats access to food by maintaining a clean kitchen, storing food in sealed containers, and promptly disposing of waste.

4. Use Traps

Snap traps, recommended by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), are a humane and effective solution. Place them strategically and check regularly.

5. Use Rodenticides

As a last resort, employ anticoagulant rodenticides following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. These chemicals should be handled with care.

Call a Professional – Call West Country Pest Control

If DIY methods prove ineffective, it’s time to enlist professional help. As BPCA-accredited experts, we ensure safe and effective rat removal, prioritizing your well-being and property protection.

Our Process:

  1. Call and Arrange a Survey: Contact West Country Pest Control at 01935 411876 to schedule a survey.

  2. Pest Control Technician Visit: Our technician will arrive at the agreed time, discuss the issue, and set up necessary survey equipment.

  3. Full Site Survey: Conducting a thorough survey to identify the problem and its sources.

  4. Recommendations: Providing detailed findings and recommendations for resolution.

  5. Resolution: Immediate on-the-spot resolution or scheduled follow-up based on your preference.

Annual Pest Control Contracts

Opt for an annual pest control contract and benefit from:

  • Consultation with a qualified pest control officer.
  • Flexible or structured pest management tailored to your business needs.
  • Complete safety data sheets, site-specific risk assessments, and detailed survey reports.

Scheduled Pest Control Service

For ongoing pest control issues, our scheduled service offers routine visits to prevent and manage problems effectively.

Professionalism and Accreditation

Choose West Country Pest Control with confidence. We are proud BPCA members with registered technicians, audited yearly to EN16636 standards for your peace of mind.

For business owners seeking commercial pest control, we provide routine integrated pest management service agreements compliant with the latest legislations and standards.

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Don’t let rat problems persist. Contact us at 01935 411876 for swift and efficient rat removal from your loft, garden, or house.

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Get rid of your Rats with our Rat control service.

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Accredited Pest Control Services

Our friendly team of reliable and trustworthy staff help all types of Domestic, business and agricultural clients with their pest control problems.

Our Pest Control Service is avilable throught Somerset and Dorset from our Yeovil HQ.

Intergrated Pest Managment

At West Country Pest Control we provide the broadest range of pest control services available in the area and, as you would expect, all our technicians are professionally qualified and are registered with the British Pest Control Association

Commercial Pest Control

We offer professional and cost-effective pest management solutions that can be applied to any type of business. Our proactive pest management solutions will protect your business and enable you to comply with assurance schemes such as Red Tractor & HACCP.

Domestic Pest Control

Looking for pest control in Somerset or Dorset? Call West Country Pest Control and one of our friendly experienced RSPH certified techinicans will deal with it quickly and discreetly for you. BPCA & NPTA Approved.