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After 2 years of development West Country are proud to announce ROSTOP® Integrated pest management products.

ROSTOP® products are designed and manufactured in the UK in house by the West Country Environmental Engineering team to meet the requirements for professional Integrated Pest Management products. ROSTOP® professional products are precision engineered from marine grade stainless steel and are simple devices that fit into your drainage system to prevent rats entering your property via breaches in drain systems. No chemicals, No Blockages, No problem.

It is a common scenario for rats that live in the main sewer system to breach into the building envelope via the drains. This can arise from poorly made drain connections, missing blanks in unused inspection made in britain by westcountrymanhole branches and through damage caused by ground heave or building subsidence. Ground heave is quite common in drainage systems that have been constructed on substrates that are high in clay deposits due to the effect of water retention and loss, this causes the substrate to expand and contract, moving the pipework in the process. This can affect both modern PVC pipe work and vitrified clay drains.

This subterranean movement for the most part takes place totally undetectable to the eye, often the first indication is rodent activity within the building envelope such as the wall cavity and loft spaces. Rats will take advantage of breaches in pipework and then burrow through into building void spaces and wall cavities.

An indicator of this burrowing activity can sometimes be seen in inspection chambers and will present itself as gravel or soil in the chamber. The most common being the gravel that is used to backfill the chamber has been ejected by rats burrowing and gaining access from missing blanks on disused branches.

This picture demonstrates this perfectly. At a customer’s premises a quick check inside the drain cover and we found this. The right-hand branch looks clear, the left however has soil and gravel coming out of it, as well as plenty of smear marks on the top. A quick survey with our CCTV drains survey camera and we found a breach directly under the wall cavity, enabling great access into the wall cavity and up to the loft. The drain was cleared out and a ROSTOP® fitted to prevent further access.

ROSTOP® is an economical solution that is good for the environment as each ROSTOP® package is 100% recyclable, with the product itself constructed from marine grade stainless steel to provide a very long service life. Stainless steel wont rust and is impervious to everything that your drain system will throw at it, including detergents and other cleaning chemicals.


The design of our ROSTOP® FA product stems from military aviation. Our chief engineer is an ex Royal Navy aircraft engineer and served on 801 Squadron employed on the BAE FA2 Sea Harrier. Powered by the Rolls Royce Pegasus 105 engine and an important feature to prevent compressor stall in this jet aircraft is a feature called the boundary layer bleed valve. Fitted at the engine intake these air bleed valves open automatically when the external airflow to the low-pressure turbine exceeds its input capability and could cause the airflow to stall. When researching and designing the ROSTOP FA Lee applied the same fluid dynamics to the ROSTOP FA, ensuring water and normal drain debris easy unimpeded flow as normal with the valve closing immediately behind it preventing rodent access back up the system.


The valve is normally fitted on the downstream exit of inspection manhole chambers. No tools are required to install or remove, and the unique design ensures it will stay securely in position.


The system is totally automatic and requires servicing once a year to ensure correct operation. We normally recommend people do this in the spring perhaps when cleaning down outside areas with a hose or pressure washer. Simply lift your inspection cover and check for correct operation.

ROSTOP is easily removed and refitted if required.


At present ROSTOP® products are ONLY available to purchase direct from West Country. We will shortly be adding a ROSTOP® dealer network map showing you where your nearest ROSTOP distributer is located.

For dealer enquiries and to register your interest please send an email to

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