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Drain Surveys for Rats

Professional CCTV Drain Surveys & Inspections.

Does your property constantly seem to suffer from rodent infestations?

 Have you paid for pest control services in the past but had a run of the mill rodenticide action carried out in the loft with no definitive access point of the rodents identified? West Country Pest Control of Yeovil can help.

Its a common fact that rats live in sewers and drains. They live in sewers and drains because it has everthing they need to sustain the colony; food, water and a great source of food.

Over time buildings and structures can move and settle or perhaps a more recent addition to your property such as an extension with a lacking attention to detail on the drainage system can in turn damage your drainage system and give rats just enough room within a pipe to take advantage of a defect and burrow through into underlying foundations and cavity walls, totally undetectable from the surface.

A West Country Environmental CCTV drain survey is an in-depth inspection of your drainage system which allows our professional pest technicians to see the exact condition of your drains and find any areas that could be used to enable rats to exit from the drains into your property. As our technicians are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) registered you can be sure we know exactly what we are looking for.

Sometimes whilst diligently carrying out our duties we find other kinds of major and minor damage, including blockages and collapsed drains – as well as any tree root ingress or severe cracks which could cause a problem, this will then be mentioned in the report.

Some of our recent drain investigations include:

rat drain survey somersetThis first picture is a giveaway, and rated at easy for a pest technician to find. If they bother to check the drains that is! 3 seperate pest control companies had been out and put rodenticide in the loft of the property, this resulted in a temporary fix, and the stench of decomposing rodent bodies as an added bonus. A quick check inside the drain cover and we found this. The right hand branch looks clear, the left however has soil and gravel coming out of it, as well as plenty of smear marks on the top. A quick survey with our CCTV drain survey camera and we found a breach directly under the wall cavity, enabling great access into the wall cavity and upto the loft.



example of rats burrow in drains pest control yeovilExample number two below is a bit harder as you cant actually see it. The occupier had reported noises in the loft of the house they had just moved into and petrified/upset had called us at 7am in the morning (yes we are there for you at that time!) We immediatley made arrangements to visit the property and where on site with 2 hours. On initial inspection we found lots of old rodenticde trays in the loft so we knew this had been an ongoing and historic issue. On carrying out a drain survey inspection we found a gap under the last ‘square’ layer on the left just where the circular interface sits, just above the patch of cement used to block up a disused branch.



example 2 of rats burrowing through drainThe left hand side of the drain was excavated to reveal a complete brick missing and a handy rat burrow leading from the drain directly into the cavity, and onwards to the loft. The occupier, now crying tears of happiness and relief thanked us for turning what was a very emotional situation to a positive outcome. Job done.





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