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Wasp Nest Removal Yeovil Somerset
We can treat all types of Wasp nests and Hornets nests


Wasp Nest Removal Yeovil Somerset & Dorset

We can QUICKLY  & SAFELY get rid of wasp nest for you, Simply call us on 01935 411876 and we will take care of it.

Professional Wasp Nest Removal in Yeovil

Dealing with wasps buzzing around your space can be more than just a nuisance; it can disrupt concentration and make customers uneasy. At West Country Pest Control, we understand the seasonal nature of wasp infestations and offer effective solutions for wasp nest removal in Yeovil, Somerset, and Dorset.

Characteristics of Wasps

  • Seasonal Emergence: Queen wasps emerge from hibernation in the spring, the queen will begin to build a nest s with worker wasps hatching as summer progresses, these then take over the building process.

  • Common and German Wasps: Found in Yeovil, these wasps have a familiar yellow and black body, known for painful stings. Differentiate them from bees and hornets.

  • Life Cycle: The queen hibernates, lays eggs in spring, and feeds grubs until they become worker wasps. Workers forage for food and, with the arrival of colder air, the cycle repeats.

Professional Wasp Control by West Country Pest Control

To effectively eliminate wasps, professional intervention is recommended. Here’s what to expect from our services:

  • Expert Pest Controllers: Our BPCA Accredited pest controllers have the technical knowledge and access to professional-grade insecticides not available to the public.

  • Protective Measures: Equipped with protective gear, our controllers apply insecticides near the nest entrance, ensuring safe and effective treatment.

  • Insecticide Application: Wasps carry the chemical into the nest, and after a short period, they succumb to the pesticide, ensuring the nest’s eradication.

  • Height Accessibility: Even in challenging heights, our tools enable safe nest treatment from the ground.

  • Post-Treatment Removal: If desired, we can remove the nest after a few days, though this may incur an extra charge.

DIY Wasp Control – Caution Advised

While DIY products may work for small nests in early spring, tackling a large, established nest is risky. DIY attempts can provoke wasps to release pheromones, attracting more wasps and increasing the risk of multiple stings.

Important Note: NEVER attempt wasp nest removal if you suspect an allergy to stings. DIY attempts can be dangerous, leading to severe reactions.

Leaving Nature to Take Its Course

Consider leaving the nest alone, especially if it’s late in the season. In autumn, the nest will naturally die out with the first frosts, and it won’t be reused the following year.

For QUICK and SAFE wasp nest removal, contact West Country Pest Control at 01935 411876. We offer various removal methods and preventive measures, providing comprehensive protection from wasps on your premises.

Whether you need a one-off site visit or a comprehensive pest control service, West Country Pest Control has you covered. Let us handle the pests while you focus on running your business.

From the initial site survey to ongoing maintenance visits, we’ve got everything you need for effective pest control. Remove wasp nests and hornets quickly and efficiently – call West Country Pest Control 01935 411876.

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Accredited Pest Control Services

Our friendly team of reliable and trustworthy staff help all types of Domestic, business and agricultural clients with their pest control problems.

Out Pest Control Service is avilable throught Somerset and Dorset from our Yeovil HQ.

Equipment Upgrades

We can provide you with virtually anything you will need around your industrial cleaning equipment requirements.


Our modern well stocked workshop facility enables us to carry out refurbishment and deep maintenance to an extremely high standard.

Safe & Accredited

Our accredited onsite technicians are available with prompt response times. Most tasks are carried out at the first visit

Intergrated Pest Managment

At West Country Pest Control we provide the broadest range of pest control services available in the area and, as you would expect, all our technicians are professionally qualified and are registered with the British Pest Control Association

Commercial Pest Control

We offer professional and cost-effective pest management solutions that can be applied to any type of business. Our proactive pest management solutions will protect your business and enable you to comply with assurance schemes such as Red Tractor & HACCP.

Domestic Pest Control

Looking for pest control in Somerset or Dorset? Call West Country Pest Control and one of our friendly experienced RSPH certified techinicans will deal with it quickly and discreetly for you. BPCA & NPTA Approved.

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