When the time comes to hire a pest control company, it’s important to carry out due diligence. There are various things you need to consider, how much will they charge? What training do they have? What methods will they use? Will it be safe? One thing you need to look at is whether, like us here at West Country, they are properly accredited by an organisation like the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). This is important because, we have already been audited to a very high standard by the BPCA. Lets take a look at the main advantages of employing West Country Pest Control - a BPCA accredited company.


Pest control industry standards are set out by the BPCA, the UK Government relies on the BPCA to be transparent and professional and set high standards. The codes of practice they have put in place outline the correct procedures and responsibilities that are expected of their members as professional pest controllers. The BPCA keep a database of all their approved members and you can check your using the best pest controller out there by clicking here and checking on the BPCA website, they have already vetted and certified so you will be getting the best person for the job and reassurance that you have the best pest controller in your time of need.

If you search for us, you will find us on the list, thats because West Country pest control is audited, qualified and trusted. This BPCA list is kept up-to-date, making it easy to check if a company is approved and reputable. Only ever use a BPCA accredited pest controller, and don't get drawn in by fake reviews and dodgy claims of how long a company has been trading for. There are some easy ways to check these claims, check with companies house or my particular favorite is the website archive. If your not sure, call the BPCA, or us!

So to make sure you don't put your property at risk of a sub standard and potentially poor quality of service it is best to avoid any company that does not have the appropriate accreditation, no matter how compelling the advertising claims.


Another huge benefit of hiring a pest control firm that’s a BPCA member, is that you know they have the correct qualifications, insurance, training and experiance. One of the BPCA requirements is that all employees of a pest control company have at the very least qualification to gain membership. This is the reason all West Country pest control staff have at least the RSPH level 2 in pest managment. In addition to the BPCA stipulate that staff must undertake continuous professional development by means of a points based system (CPD). West Country pest control enjoy a challenge (blame the boss's Royal Navy carreer for that!)  so all of our staff are enrolled on the industry leading BPCA registered scheme so this means we are committed to participating in continued professional development. Constant training is available from a wide variety of sources including the BPCA and chemical manufacturers so we find it easy to keep ourselves regularly informed of developments in pest control technology.

With all this in mind, you can be sure that pest controllers with the BPCA stamp of approval will be diligent in their work.


One of the main considerations when hiring a pest control company is that they put safety first, and if it all goes wrong YOU will have to prove due diligence to the authorities and explain what checks you put in place that gave you justification to hire them. Having accreditation from the BPCA is an indicator that they operate in a safe manner, particularly when using dangerous chemicals, poisons. These products include dangerous chemicals like Bromadialone, brodifacoum and cholecalciferol.

These chemicals are designed to poisen, and will not discriminate between animal classes. With a non-accredited company, how can you be sure they are going to use poisons in a safe manner? How do you know they will use the correct chemical? Each pest control product has the exact useage on the label, deviaiting from it is breaking the law. This is why choosing accredited BPCA member West Country pest control of Yeovil is the smartest and safest choice.


We decided early on in setting up our company that we wanted to become BPCA members to ensure we are at the top of our game and offer the best possible service your money can buy. So after various interviews, vehicle and premises inspections and 3rd party audits we got the good new we had been approved for a membership to the BPCA meaning we had met a specific professional standard required, It has to be said, quite a high one at that. This also means we are well versed in UK pest control legislation and Lee often works in a consultancy roll where things have not gone to plan with other pest control companies. You can rest assured our standards are very high and we are very effective at our job because the BPCA would otherwise not have approved our membership.

When you need to call West Country Pest Control to deal with your pest, you can rest assured your problem will be swiftly taken care off in a discreat and professional manor to the strictest industry guidelines. We only ever use effective methods and we document everything we do and we get the job done safely, thoroughly, and at a very competive price.


In parallell with most second hand information there is a misconception that pest control firms that are fully accredited by an organisation like the BPCA will be more expensive. However, we know that this couldn't be further that the truth, what you get is an effective service in both timescale and cost and it really does pay to use the best first time.  

West Country Pest Control is extremely proud to be a BPCA member and is properly accredited. Our professional pest control technicians are trained to the highest standards. Some companies fraudulently carry the BPCA logo or have false claims on their websites because they want to falsely demonstrate their credentials because they know BPCA members are the better choice. You can be sure of West Country pest control, we a real family owned local business, we are a genuine company, with genuine accreditation and most importantly are passionate about the service we provide.  If you have a pest problem, you can count on West Country to provide a professional service.

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